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Restraining Orders

Domestic violence tears families apart and is all too common in Bakersfield and surrounding Kern County communities. Domestic violence often plays a role in family law disputes involving divorce, child custody and other important matters. Victims of domestic violence can obtain restraining orders and emergency protective orders that protect them from further contact with the abuser.

If you or someone you love is a victim of any type of domestic violence, be it physical, sexual or threats of violence, it is important to take immediate legal action. At the Law Office of David F. Leon, we are passionate advocates for victims of domestic abuse throughout Kern County and surrounding areas. We can represent you in all the legal matters you face, including obtaining temporary and permanent restraining orders.

Responding To Restraining Orders

While victims of domestic violence should be granted every protection available under the law, the rights of the falsely accused must be protected as well. As ruthless as it sounds, it is not unheard of for a person to make false domestic violence allegations to gain an advantage in a divorce or child custody dispute. If this has happened to you, our law firm can help you explore your legal options and take aggressive action on your behalf. We understand what is at risk.

Contact An Experienced Kern County Domestic Violence Attorney

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