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When divorcing couples cannot agree on legal matters, they have dispute resolution options at their disposal. One effective means of resolving family law disputes is collaborative law.

In the collaborative law process, divorcing couples sit down with their attorneys, and sometimes experts in other fields, and work toward reaching common ground. One of the main components in the Collaborative Law process is that the parties agree that they will not litigate their case in court. The Law Office of David F. Leon offers clients in Bakersfield and surrounding areas extensive experience in collaborative law and other alternative dispute resolution options.

A Collaborative Approach To Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, participants have strong incentive to reach agreement on legal matters. In fact, if the negotiation process breaks down, the disputing parties cannot continue with the attorneys they have hired; they must find new attorneys. This provides everyone with incentive to resolve disputes.

Collaborative law holds a number of advantages over traditional divorce litigation. For instance, collaborative law typically:

  • Keeps the parties out of the courtroom
  • Is quicker and less expensive than traditional divorce litigation
  • Gives divorcing spouses more control over the outcome
  • Is more amicable

In the collaborative law process, divorcing couples can benefit from the input of professionals in fields ranging from child psychology to business asset valuation. Attorney David F. Leon can be your strong advocate in the collaborative law process, helping you achieve your goals in a favorable, cost-effective manner.

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